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Ford car key replacement in New York

Ford owners are typically non-nonsense drivers who work hard to get the job done. Given these characteristics, losing or misplacing your vehicle accessories can be frustrating. Whether lost or damaged, the best way to get a replacement is to contact a local locksmith. The team of professionals at High-Security Locksmith NYC has the tools to provide some of the following solutions:

-Activation and programming of transponder chipset
-Duplication of classic locks
-Replacing keyless remotes or fobs
-Extraction of damaged objects from a traditional ignition system
-Assistance with smart locks
-Full re-keying and repair
-Help with laser-cut or switchblade sets
-Emergency lock replacement or repair

As you can see, unlocking your door requires so much more than using a screwdriver or crowbar. It is imperative to contact an experienced locksmith to do the job correctly and minimize the risk of damage. And since this brand has released so many versions over the years, it is also essential that the locksmith can handle any vehicle model type.

Some of the models we service for this automobile brand may include the following:

  • Mustang
  • Explorer
  • F150
  • F250
  • Bronco
  • Fusion
  • Eco-Sport
  • Pickup
  • Ranger
  • Raptor
  • Escape
  • Escort
  • Excursion
  • Expedition
  • Focus
  • Fiesta
  • Transit
  • E-Series
  • Windstar
  • Super Duty
  • Hybrid
  • Edge
  • Taurus

Best Ford Locksmith in the Greater NYC Area

If you are in a lockout emergency, the most efficient solution is to contact a nearby locksmith. This eliminates the headache of hassling with a pricey automotive dealership or inefficient towing company. Local locksmiths can often dispatch a mobile technician to your location, thereby minimizing the risk of potential damage from a towing truck. Even better, hiring a local locksmith is usually the most cost-effective solution for getting you back behind the wheel.

When contacting a service to unlock your doors quickly, here are some tips to keep in mind:

-Request a fast-response technician or schedule an appointment for your vehicle.
Provide the exact year, make, and model of the vehicle.
-Indicate whether you have a regular transponder, non-transponder, classic cut, programmed remote, etc.
-Let us know whether you need duplication for a simple lockout or have a more complex issue, such as an ignition extraction.
-Provide the unique vehicle identification number. This is also known as the VIN. You can usually find this number on top of the driver’s side dashboard (visible on the windshield) or sometimes on the driver’s side of the door frame. This number can help the locksmith assess your vehicle’s best aftermarket part or solution.
-Be able to provide your location and proof of ownership if requested.


With its solid craftsmanship and high-quality engineering, it is no wonder that Ford is one of America’s most popular car brands. Founded in 1908, this automobile company has released numerous iterations and models for over a century. In addition to adaptable vehicle models that suit customer needs, different types of keys have evolved due to improved technology. While having a wireless remote, transponder, or smart fob is excellent for the convenient operation of your vehicle, these secure locks can also become a hassle if you lose or misplace your factory keys. Fortunately, High-Security Locksmith NYC is here to help. We provide fast and efficient service to Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, and we can quickly reach areas like Long Island and Staten Island. Call (347) 770-5525 for more information if you are in a challenging situation.


High-Security Locksmith NYC provides a quick response to any lockout problem. Our trained technicians can easily reach your Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County, Long Island locations. And if you live in Staten Island or Long Island, our technicians can quickly head over your way and remain in constant communication so that you never feel stranded. Whether you need your vehicle for a job like construction or to get home to your family, High-Security Locksmith NYC can help. We provide affordable locksmith services for any car, truck, van, or SUV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take for the technician to get to my car?

We ensure that our technicians reach you in 20 to 30 minutes from your call time. This depends on how close you are to an available technician. Our technicians are always on the move and ready to pick up your call and head your way. They will constantly communicate with you as they make their way to where you are so you do not get too anxious.

Do I require a specific technician for my car model?

We can unlock and service all types of cars, thanks to our highly trained and experienced personnel. We have years of experience opening all kinds of vehicles, including luxury models. You need not worry about your car being too complicated for technicians because the chances are that they have dealt with that exact model a significant number of times.

How long will it take the technician to unlock my car?

Our expert technicians always assess your car’s condition and advise you on the estimated time the procedure will take before it begins. A standard car unlocking will probably take five minutes. If our technician needs to use a key to unlock your car, the service’s duration will depend on how complex the key is. We will notify you of the estimated time to open your car before we start working on it.

Can my car be damaged?

No! Our technicians have been highly trained to anticipate and maneuver various car lock situations with great precision and care. We guarantee that your car will be unlocked without as much as a scar on its body. If the lock system cannot be functional after opening, our technician will gladly replace it for you so that your car remains in perfect condition.

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