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Fresh Installation in New York

When living in New York City, having good locks on your doors is essential. Whether you have deadbolt locks, a mortise locks, a Mul-T-Lock, high security locks, or a Jimmy proof deadbolt, the key is to secure your home’s entrance. But your lock is only as good as its installation. So it’s important to call High Security Locksmith NYC to ensure your lock is properly installed. We are a locksmith company with a team with the training, tools, expertise, and experience to properly install any lock, doorknob, lockset, or hardware you need for your doors.

 Fresh Installation

 When you need a fresh installation of doorknobs, deadbolts, high security locks, a lockset, a mortise lock, a Jimmy proof deadbolt, or any hardware for door locks, we are the company to call. We are experts at fresh installation. People know that when they want a fresh installation of doorknobs, deadbolts, high security locks, or any other type of locks or lock hardware, High Security Locksmith NYC is the company to call. Correctly done fresh installation ensures your door and locks are secure. Criminals can enter your home if the fresh installation isn’t done right.


 When doing fresh installation of doorknobs, it’s essential to ensure they are properly positioned and secured. If the fresh installation of your doorknobs isn’t done correctly, your home’s security will be compromised. When doing a fresh installation of doorknobs, we ensure the doorknobs are secure, and there are no gaps criminals can use to open your door. Our fresh installation process for doorknobs ensures they are properly fastened and sealed. This helps your doorknobs stand up to years of use with no need for doorknob repair.


 Deadbolts are commonly used high security locks on homes in New York City. People use deadbolts because deadbolts are solid and affordable. Deadbolts are a formidable line of defense for protecting your home’s security. When burglars see deadbolts, it gives them pause. They know opening deadbolts is very difficult. People with a mortise lock, a Mul-T-Lock, or high security locks also install deadbolts for extra security. Unless they have deadbolts, many New Yorkers don’t feel safe.

 Mortise Lock

 Many homes in New York City have a mortise lock on the door. If the fresh installation of the mortise lock isn’t done properly, the mortise lock can be easily compromised. Proper security measures are needed when installing a mortise lock, or criminals can use a screwdriver or credit card to open your mortise lock. A mortise lock fits into a pocket, or mortise, in the door’s edge. It’s common to find a mortise lock in older homes. Wise people have deadbolts installed along with the mortise lock. Deadbolts make doors with a mortise lock more secure.

 High Security Locks

 Countless homeowners in New York City have us install high security locks. It provides more security than a mortise lock or even deadbolts. Some consider Jimmy proof deadbolt locks to be high security locks. There are many other high tech high security locks people have us install every day. Electronic high security locks and high security locks with combinations are two. Some good high security locks have biometric controls. High security locks are commonplace in wealthy homes. At High Security Locksmith NYC, we can recommend good high security locks for your home.

 The Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

 A Jimmy proof deadbolt is an improved version of the standard deadbolt lock. The jimmy proof deadbolt is designed to prevent burglars from opening your deadbolt lock using burglary tools. The Jimmy proof deadbolt is a nightmare for burglars. When they see a Jimmy proof deadbolt on your door, they know picking it will be problematic. The jimmy proof deadbolt is a high security lock the average person can afford. Installing a Jimmy proof deadbolt is smart if you live in a high crime area. We can install a Jimmy proof deadbolt in minutes. A Jimmy proof deadbolt costs much less than other high security locks. 

 The Mul-T-Lock System

 Many New Yorkers have a Mul-T-Lock system in their homes. They may have a mortise lock, Jimmy proof deadbolt, and even a high security lock. The Mul-T-Lock system gives them confidence that opportunists won’t be able to break into their homes. Installing Mul-T-Lock systems is easy. Just pick the locks you want in your Mul-T-Lock system, and we install them. A Mul-T-Lock system is very effective for protecting your home. Unlocking a Mul-T-Lock system takes longer than criminals want to spend at your door. Just having a Mul-T-Lock system is a deterrent for many burglars.

 A Lockset

 A lockset is another commonly used door locking system. It takes several pieces of hardware to make a lockset. 

A lockset can be used on sliding doors. The lockset is quite attractive. It’s often used with a Mul-T-Lock system because some feel a lockset isn’t strong enough when used alone. It’s common for a lockset to be used on interior doors because burglars can quickly open a lockset. Often, a lockset is used for decorative purposes. Some people put a lockset on their patio doors.

 Door Hardware

 Door hardware is all the visible parts of the locking system. Standard door hardware includes a doorknob, deadbolt, lock, and handle. 

Door hardware serves several purposes. The hardware helps secure your home. Hardware can also add beauty and convenience. The function and finish of door hardware can vary according to your needs. At High Security Locksmith NYC, we put door hardware in homes of all types. We sometimes install a lockset with unique hardware. When choosing door hardware, consider the door thickness, borehole size, backset, and latch configuration. Get a hardware design that resists picking, prying, and drilling.

 Lock Installation and Hardware Installation

 When it comes to lock installation and hardware installation, we are second to none. Our technicians are specially trained for lock installation and hardware installation. We are lock installation experts and have installed locks in thousands of homes. Our hardware installation consistently earns rave reviews. We can quickly handle all your lock and hardware installation needs. Don’t trust your lock installation and hardware installation to amateurs. If lock installation and hardware installation aren’t done right, your home will not be safe.

 Hardware Repair, Lock Repair, Deadbolt Repair, and Doorknob Repair

 No matter what type of hardware repair, lock repair, deadbolt repair, or doorknob repair you need, we have the locksmith it takes to do it quickly, carefully, and affordably. We have been doing hardware repair, lock repair, deadbolt repair, and doorknob repair for years and know how to do it right. Call us if your door is damaged and needs hardware repair, lock repair, deadbolt repair, or doorknob repair. Our locksmith will be at your home in a flash to handle your hardware, lock, deadbolt, and doorknob repair. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to burglars because you need hardware, lock, deadbolt, or doorknob repair. Call High Security Locksmith NYC.

 A Wide Range Of Locksmith Services

 We not only do hardware repair, deadbolt repair, lock repair, and doorknob repair. We do many other locksmith services as well. Along with quality hardware repair, lock repair, deadbolt repair, and doorknob repair, we do lock installation, hardware installation, deadbolt installation, doorknobs, and even a Jimmy proof deadbolt lock. Customers have long turned to us not only for hardware repair, lock repair, deadbolt repair, and doorknob repair but also for locksmith services like key cutting, upgrading locks, making duplicate keys, lock picking, and replacing jammed door locks.

 Doorknob Replacement, Lock Replacement, and Deadbolt Replacement

 If you need fast, high quality, affordable doorknob replacement, lock replacement, and deadbolt replacement, call us. We have vast experience in all types of doorknob, lock, and deadbolt replacements. Your doorknob replacement, lock replacement, and deadbolt replacement is too necessary to trust to fly-by-night companies. We are experts at doorknob, lock, and deadbolt replacements and know how to keep your home safe. When you need doorknob, lock, and deadbolt replacements, we are only a phone call away. Want doorknob replacement, lock replacement, and deadbolt replacement done right? Call High Security Locksmith NYC, (347)770-5525.

 We Can Help With Any Doorknob Or Lock

 Have a damaged doorknob? Need a new doorknob? Is there a problem with your deadbolt lock? We can handle any problem you’re having with your deadbolt lock or doorknobs. We can repair or replace any deadbolts, even a Jimmy proof deadbolt. We are experts in dealing with hardware for any door lock. Our locksmith specialties include Hardware installation, lock replacement, deadbolt replacement, and doorknob replacement. If you are having issues with your doorknob or deadbolt lock, call High Security Locksmith NYC right away.

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