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If you lose your car keys, you must avoid panicking and stay calm. Sometimes, the key you thought you lost is in your office, your home, locked in your car, or in one of the places you frequent. We do not want to replace your key, only for you to find the older bunch under your desk.

When you call us today, we will ask whether you have checked around you for the keys.

Once we are sure you have a lost key, we can replace them. The process of replacing keys is dependent on the type of key you have. Traditional keys are easy to replace, while smart ones take longer. However, we replace all of them.

To replace your key, we will need the following from you:

• A form of identification

• Make and model of your car

• The vehicle identification number, VIN

• A document that proves you own the car

Once we have the information, we will cut you a new key or program a new smart key. Keep a lost key from keeping you out of your car.

Our car locksmith provides the following locksmith services:

  • Car unlocking services
  •  Getting your car fobs that have been locked in the trunk
  •  Broken or misplaced car key replacement
  •  Car key cutting and duplication
  •  Replacing and programming car fobs
  •  Programming key transponders
  •  Car key extraction
  •  Replacing and repairing ignition cylinders
  •  Ignition re-key services
  •  Lock assistance for luxury cars


Because you still need the original key, we will cut a new one for you. We have traditional laser machine key cutters to handle any car key. The method we use to replace the key will depend on the resources at our disposal.

We can cut the key by code through the vehicle identification number and decode a key or crack the ignition cylinder. Cutting the key by code is the easiest and fastest method, as we only need your car’s VIN.

If this is impossible and decoding the key is impossible, we crack the ignition cylinder. This process will take a longer time, and it will cost you more. You, therefore, need to have your car VIN ready at all times.

We can give you a key quickly and without complications with the correct information. We aim to provide you with access to your vehicle without damaging any component.


If you lose a key with a transponder or a fob, just replacing the key will not assist until the remote part of the key is activated. A transponder chip is a security feature on cars, ensuring no one can access your vehicle even if they duplicate your key.

After cutting the mechanical key, we must program the transponder chip or the fob. To program these, we rely on the instructions that the automaker provides. We have handled several cars and can program the smart keys for the best performance.

Even for a car brand, we have never handled, we can take it as long as we have the instructions. Sometimes, we only need a few minutes to program the key. In other cases, the automaker makes the process so complicated that we need more than 30 minutes.

WHY SHOULD YOU PICK High Security Locksmith NYC?

At High Security Locksmith NYC, we value your safety and security. When you reach out to us, the first thing we think of is your safety and security. Some of the reasons hundreds of car owners trust our services include the following:

   • We take utmost care to ensure that no part of your vehicle is damaged

   • We are prompt and will be there on time

   • We have all the tools you need to give you access to your car

   • We have a team of experienced and skilled locksmiths

   • We have been doing this for many years now

   • Our prices are friendly

   • You can expect fast and impeccable services

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